more soffits

Not much visible is happening, so I've been neglecting the daily
reports.  The guys finished up the outside of the loft on Friday.
Over the course of last week, they stained some of the soffit and
fascia boards, and put them up.  The soffits and fascia are now
complete on the north, east, and part of the south walls.  And (here's
the big surprise) they have some of the cedar siding on the east wall!
The loft looks just wonderful with the siding on, and I'm sure that
the rest of the house will look just as good.

Jeff does indeed have a stapler that will work.  It's a smaller
diameter than what I saw at whites, so it tends to clip the jacket of
the 10Base-T cable a bit, but it doesn't seem to crush it.

The bank reluctantly agreed to give us half the next draw.  We're
behind the milestones required for it, but I think that's because
they're working on some time-consuming (expensive) things.  Once they
finish them, progress will pick up again.

Ordered the outdoor boiler last week.  Found out more on how it works.
The damper is controlled out at the furnace.  It keeps the water at
the furnace hot.  The pump runs whenever needed to keep the water hot
at the three-way valve.  The water circulates between the pump and the
furnace then.  When the house needs heating, the three-way valve kicks
in, and the water circulates through the radiant heating hoses in the

For an extra $80, we can get a heat exchanger which will transfer heat
into the water heater.  It helps heat the water in the winter so you
don't need so much propane.  Hmmm....  I'm wondering if it will also
transfer heat back into the radiant floors, as a backup heater?

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