mucho wiring

Wow!  What a difference a day makes!  The guys have gone absolutely
bonkers with the 12/2 wire and outlet boxes!  Seems like most of the
outlet boxes on the main floor are in place.  When we left in the
afternoon, they were wiring the lights in the garage.

Stan is planning on how to do the critical wiring box.  We're going to
have a generator, because of the radiant floors and outdoor wood
furnace.  If we lose power for a couple of days (which *has* happened
in the North Country) and they freeze, very, very bad things would
happen.  I've got several dozen web sites on my web server, and if
that goes down, lots of people become unhappy.  So we're going to have
a second power box, with a knife switch that switches between the
generator and the mains.  The Crynwr Linux boxen are on battery
backups, so that switching over to the generator shouldn't hurt
anything.  That is, assuming I'm home when it happens.  The generator
isn't fancy enough to automatically start on power fail.

I ran all over town today looking for staples to hold the category 5
cable to the joists and studs.  All I could find was the standard
insulated staples for bell wire, and an Arrow round-top staple gun.
The first seems all too likely to crush one of the cables.  The second
is specialized -- it has a round tip that can only be used for
round-top staples.  I think, however, that it's designed not to crush
the wires.  We'll see anyway.  Jeff purportedly has one.  I was hoping
to find staples like the ones with the plastic bridge and two nails.
White's Hardware has them, only in 1/2", not the 1/4" I'd need them.
They would certainly not crush the wire, but alas, White's couldn't
even special-order them.