huge mounds of dirt

Lots of sound and fury at the site today.  Ralph Randall was here with
his backhoe, digging the hole for the septic tank and one leg (out of
four) of the leach field.  The concrete for the garage footers came at
11:00, and they had it screeded and trowelled before lunch.  In the
afternoon, they applied the AAB waterproofing membrane, as well as
some additional parging.  Stan and I applied sealer to the slab, which
is looking somewhat rough.  Dennis was on site until 23:30 Saturday,
trowelling and trowelling and trowelling.  Even so it's rough in
spots.  Dennis had it just *so*, when it rained again.  Enough to make
a grown mason cry.  He did the best he could under the conditions, but
it definitely didn't meet his standards of quality.  Oh well.  And
later I dug out a place where the septic line backfill got a little
too close to the house.