The gang stripped off the forms this morning, and got working on the
footer drains.  Wanting to avoid any possibility of water, we're
draining the footers to daylight.  Filter fabric, perforated pipe, and
crushed stone on every side, going to more pipe and down a trench.
Randall was a bit slow on delivering the stone for filling below the
slab; he hadn't come by the time we left.

I talked to Skip about the telephone service.  He says that the cables
are full up, as in that he may not even have a single pair for my
temporary phone line.  He (and his cohorts) were curious why I wanted
so many pairs out in the boonies.  He assumed that I had a business,
and wanted to know the name of it.  No doubt they've realized that I
don't have a business line.  He was relieved to know that he didn't
need the five pairs until the Halloween time-frame.

Oh, one more thing for yesterday: Carol Johnson at Canton Federal
wanted Stan to give her dates for the disbursements.

6/22 - 25% Driveway roughed in, water to site, septic tank
installed.  electric power to site, under the floor plumbing
installed, main foundation completed and floor poured over radiant
heating lines.

7/20 - 25% Rough grading finished, Foundation Capped, garage
foundation done, all interior and exterior walls built and sheathed,
roof built and roofing installed windows and exterior doors installed.

8/24 - 20%  Completion of siding, soffits and facia,  second floor and loft
heating runs installed.  Plumbing and electrical roughed in.  Heating plant
in place?

9/14 - 20% completion of all interior wall coverings Sheetrock to primer coat.
Complete installation of all bath fixtures. Spiral stairs installed.

10/26 - 10% completion of all painting or wall covering, floor covering as
discussed and specified.(we never discussed cellar cement coverings for now)
kitchen cabinets and counter tops installed.  House is ready for occupancy
and built according to plans. AMEN