no work for me today

I didn't get to work on the house today -- had to do computer work all
day long.  Did a bunch of calling, though.  Called Willard at Ni-Mo to
tell him that the ditch was ready for cable.  Called Skip at NYNEX to
tell him that I wanted 12-pair not 6-pair.  He said he'd get it to us.
No sign of it when we stopped by in the evening, though.  Carol
Johnson said that our loan is approved, and that she needs the
Schedule of Disbursements and Abstract of Title.

Ni-Mo did indeed lay the cable today.  Funny looking stuff.  It's got a
black insulating wrap, with copper wires spiralling around it.

Stan and Jeff moved a BUNCH of crushed rock today.  I think Jeff was
running the tractor while Stan worked on the plumbing.  I'll bet it
took Stan all day.  No room for errors here.

Oh, they also got the rebar bent and hung in place in the footer