all sandy

Well, Good Old Skip Rassmussen was good to his word.  I found a reel
of 12-pair 22AWG cable waiting for me this morning.  Had a little bit
of trouble reeling it out.  I had to tie it to the tree at the road,
hang the reel from the loader with the chain, and back up all the way
up the hill.  I threw the two telco cables into the trench and started
loading sand.  And loading.  And loading.  And loading.  And loading.

Family came out for lunch, and Heather helped by directing the loads.
V. helpful.  Got tuckered out with only 100 feet to go.  Will get it
Sunday.  Most of the sand is in the ditch now, but there's still some
left over.  I probably should have put more sand in the bottom, but I
suspect that most of the danger to the cables comes from rocks
crashing to the bottom of the trench.

Charlie Gibson (building inspector) showed up just as we were about
finished, to inspect the footers.  I was busy, so Heather talked to
him.  Don't know what he had to say about it, but the footers looked
good enough to me.

The deerflies are out, and the blackflies haven't died yet.  Fun?
Wow!  Oh, and the stinging nettle has started to come up.  Eric got
into it at the McKentley's and BOY does he recognize the stuff to stay
away from it.