I ain't no ditch-digger

*Starting* the day with a moderately sore back, I again did my best
imitation of a ditch-digger.  Got out there fairly early in the
morning.  Moved sand with the tractor in the morning, shoveled it in
the afternoon.  'bout 11:00, NYNeX stopped by with the 12-pair cable I
asked for, only it was really 6-pair, but I'd already hauled it up to
the building site and the NYNeX guy had chopped it off and fled.
Sigh.  I'll call them and correct the action.

The NiMo ROW agent stopped by in the early afternoon, while I was
dropped the rest of the sand into the pond at the end of the ditch.  I
had to grant them an easement to maintain the cable (it's THEIR cable
even though I'm paying them for it).  Heather and I signed it and she
dropped it off...  five minutes after he had left.  Oh well.

Stan -n- Jeff built the inside of the footer.  After I had finished
with the sand, I helped Jeff level dirt on the inside of the footer.
Together we laid the rebar into the footers.  Stan went into town to
get the sewer lines.  They have to be laid *before* we pour the
footers or slab, because they have to come up in *exactly* the right