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Ruth Jones Ryan

The Railroad remains memory as one of the most important devices
which helped transform so many of the small rural towns into bustling communities. 
As trains crisscrossed the countryside, carrying goods as well as passengers, we remember
with a certain longing , the mournful sounds of passing trains in the night.


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New York Central
Elm St. Railroad Station,
Malone, NY
Order# SC-417

  400 years after Columbus discovered America, Oct. 12 of 1892, found the last spike driven to complete what was scoffingly called "Webb's Fairy Tale Road". Twelve days later the first Malone-to-New York train was run over the line....


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The Old "Rutland" Station
Elm St., Malone, NY, 1948
Order# SC-427

  The old Rutland Station, with the steam engine about to pass over Elm St. in Malone, N.Y., its tracks connecting Rutland VT. with Ogdensburg on the St. Lawrence River. Constructed in 1845, after years of delay in planning, supplying needed transportation, this shows one of its last days of operation which ended a picturesque era in Malone.

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Rutland Railroad Passenger Train
RR Station, Malone, NY
Order# SC-421

  For many years the Rutland RR Company, connecting Ogdensburg and Lake Champlain, crossed the highway in Malone, N.Y. between Elm St. and Memorial Green. This line brought hundreds of visitors each September to the popular yearly event, the Franklin County Fair. Shown here is a typical scene of the railroad station after arrival of crowd eager to attend the famous event.

bridgeatarsenalgreen.JPG (54145 bytes)

Bridge at Arsenal Green, Malone, N.Y.
Order# SC-414

  The foot bridge spanning Rutland railroad track as the passed though Arsenal Green in Malone, N.Y. has long been gone but remains in warm memories of the past as on of time's lost treasures. One is of little boys and girls
lingering atop its boarded surface as the old choo-choo engine passed

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Train Passage, Rutland Railroad Station
Malone, NY
Order# SC-416

  Adjacent of the railroad connecting Ogdensburg and Lake Champlain in 1850 undoubtedly spurred the growth and progress of Malone, N.Y., opening the market for potash and other industries of the locality, as well as providing transportation in case of war with Britain. And so, what later became the Rutland Railroad Co. spared no expense in creating its handsome station centered in the village as it passed through its boundaries, connecting many little villages, benefited by transportation.



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Home from Blueberrying
Order# Adk-404

  One of the most anticipated outings in Northern N.Y. State years ago was the annual summer harvest of blueberries, enjoyed by young and old, providing endless varieties of edible treats, and often canned for later enjoyment. Families and groups triumphantly emerged from the woodsy terrain's, where the ravages of forest fires had produced the best crops, bearing many quarts gleaned daily. With transportation readily available by the N.Y Central RR as it penetrated the Northeastern Adirondacks, visiting the hamlet of Mt. View north/south each day, this shows weary pickers returning home with baskets and pails full.


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"Passenger Depot"
Chateaugay, NY
Order# ADK-440

  The Northern RR connected Ogdensburg & Rouses Point, the first train passing through Chateaugay June 1st, 1850.  A wood burning steam locomotive drawing the train bore the name "Chateaugay". The name of the line became the "Ogdensburg & Lake Champlain" in 1864.