Gladys Jacobsen Nelson

Mom's dead. It's kind of a relief, really. She was basically pining away after my Dad for seven years. Never stopped grieving for him. So, now she's with him, and she's happy now.

Rev. Stan Easty, a family friend living in NC, sent this picture of their graveside plaques. His wife, Reba, is in the upper picture. Mom and Dad are buried in the military section of the cemetary, so only ground-level plaques are allowed. Christmas 2004.

I last saw her the 21st and 22nd of September at the Glengariff health care center. Took a couple of photos, one of her and another of both of us. Stakkars Mom, she was worried that she had nothing in the house for lunch. She was right, although she said it a funny way. Glengariff has a policy forbidding guests in the dining room. Bastards. Why should my Mom have suffered even the least upset because of their stupid policies?

Some pictures from many years ago: Mom, my sister and I outside the house in winter, and us swimming in the creek at our summer home in Shohola.

Russell Nelson
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