paint nearly done

Friday, Brent and Stan put down the cemend underlayment for the tile.
Both the upstairs bathroom and the kitchen need it.  Adds serious
rigidity to the floor.  Prevents the tile from cracking.

Brent and Jeff worked on Saturday.  After twenty gallons of primer,
and forty-three gallons of finish paint, they're just about done.  The
only thing remaining to paint is the second finish coat in Eric's

Monday they start upstairs on the wood floor.  It's pre-finished oak,
cut to random lengths.  They'll be able to get a significant portion
of the floor done.  One person will have an air stapler, and two
people will be putting down the wood (I figure).  It's a little bit of
a tricky thing, because you want to avoid creating patterns in the
wood grain, and you need to stagger the joints.

Heather and I (and Jeff's two sons and Rebecca and Eric) vacuumed and
mopped the upstairs floor over the weekend.  We also stripped the
plastic wrap off the floor boxes.