Finish painting.

Oh shoot; I forgot to say what happened on Monday, after telling you
what Stan did on Saturday.  We finally settled on a color (white, with
one shot of red color, which makes it a very faint pink), and they
went through three gallons of it yesterday.  By noon today, they'd
gone through six more gallons and made a hurried call to us to get
more.  We ordered and picked up another ten gallons of half-formula
"Imperial White".  By this afternoon, they (must have) finished the
first coat of finish paint on the whole upstairs (loft included), and
started sanding downstairs.

I poured some (not enough) paint into the painting tray (not wanting
to drown their rollers), and Brent quipped "You poured it like you
were paying for it!".

Once the second coat of finish paint goes on, they start on the wood
floor.  We're going to move the piano tomorrow, so that we don't have
to shove it all over the new floor.  Stan will build the floor under
the piano's final location, then move it just that little bit into