boiler, plus insulation

Jeff started to work on the insulation.  The loft roof needs some foam
spacers, so Jeff stapled them up first.  They prevent the insulation
from getting pressed against the roof, leaving no room for
ventilation.  They put the first strip of cross-insulation up.  The
roof is going to have two layers of insulation -- one with the joists
and the other against.  This ensures that you don't have any holes
that go straight through.

Brent and Stan fussed at the boiler today.  Brent re-did the
downstairs pump.  It was making noise, since it was vertical.  He
moved it higher and horizontal.  They got some more air out, and put
water into the upstairs and loft zones.

Stan said that the boiler went through all its wood overnight, so I
guess I didn't put enough in.  I have a feeling that this thing is
just going to *eat* wood until the house is insulated and closed in,
then finally warmed up.