Trust in trusses!

We have the trusses up!!  Huzzah, huzzah!

I went out and worked in the morning.  We erected the east garage wall
and put plywood on part of it.  The header over the garage door is
pretty impressive.  Three 2"x12"x18' boards with plywood sandwiched
inbetween.  It's got a little wall above it, to bring it up to the
level of the rest of the garage.

That was in the morning.  Stan called the crane guy, and he said,
"Sure, I can come out this afternoon at 3:00" Stan gulped and said
"Yes, we'll be ready."  He still had to put the second plate on the
house and entryway, as well as reinforcing studs where the trusses

The guy got there a little bit late, which is just as well, since Stan
was still nailing in some shims as the trusses were being lifted.
They went on like clockwork, easy as pie.  Toed them down, and put up
a diagonal brace.  And while he was there, we had him lift the garage
trusses also.  We were done with him in an hour.