wet and gooey

Most everything between the house and the driveway is wet and gooey
today.  We had an all-day rain that started in a mist, progressed to a
drizzle, then changed to a shower.  For better or worse, Ralph Randall
was there to continue backfilling and dig the trenches for the well
and electric.  We had to be there (rain or no!) to put the systems
into place.  While Ralph was doing his thing, we slapped plywood on
the east and north walls of the garage.  That's almost all done --
just one course remaining on the north wall.

I had cut the 12-pair phone cable too short.  Sigh.  Fortunately, they
had left the spool with us, so I quickly cut another hunk of cable.
Unfortunately, Ralph had already begun to fill the trench in.  It
wasn't too bad, though.  Ten minutes and it was fixed.