South and North Walls

The guys got the south and half of the north walls up today.

Dennis and Brian put up the remaining walls of the garage, before

Morien says that he saw NYNEX out fiddling with the lines on the road
near our house.  Maybe they're working on getting the other four pairs
that I'll be needing?

I've got Eric picking up nails at the site, for which he gets a penny
a nail.  He found 101 nails before lunch today!

We showed the place to the Lennoxes today.  It was raining a little
before they arrived, and we saw a beautiful double full-arc rainbow.
The main bow even had another half-size bow inside it!  Saw some
lightning and heard some thunder.  The view from the deck is
beautiful.  Can't wait to see the view from the cupola -- it will be a
full story and a half above the deck.

The deer flies were a little bothersome this evening, but nothing like
what they used to be last year.