no bracing, and the sill

[ Sometimes I don't go out to the site in the evening, so the day's
report waits until the morning visit.  When I back-date a report, I'll
put 11:59PM as the time.  -russ]

As expected, the concrete has gotten pretty hard in the foam forms.
The guys (Jeff and Brent) stripped off the wood bracing first.  Then,
using the metal bracing (that's designed to work with the foam forms),
they installed the sill plate.  I like Stan's attention to detail --
he put an infiltration barrier under the sill.  Since the first floor
(I don't like to call it a basement since it's a living area) walls
are eight feet of concrete, it's a little tough to put the sill up
before taking the metal bracing down.  Anyway, the metal bracing is
down, returned to the lumberyard, and the blueboard (actually it's
pink) and reinforcing mesh have been delivered.