Lego blocks!

Well, the guys put together the first three courses of the lego blocks
today, complete with horizontal rebar and everything.  The first set
of blocks had to be wired together at the joints.  We were out there
early in the morning.  I cut some rebar bits to drop into holes we
drilled into the footers.  Maybe it will keep the foundation from
falling off the footers, maybe not.  The slab will be inside the
walls, keeping them square, and the tons and tons of backfill will be
outside the walls, keeping them from moving.

Those corners don't shift AT ALL with the rebar inside them, and with
the interlock to the walls.  The walls wiggle back and forth a bit,
but that's because there's nothing to prevent them.  They *could*
probably pour with no bracing, but the bracing will prevent any ugly

The next three courses get interesting -- they've got lots of
penetrations in them.