Can a pacifist support the troops?

Date: Thu, 17 Jan 91 19:50:12 EST Sounds pretty impossible. Let me explain.

If you define vegetarian as people who eat meals with no meat in them, then nearly everyone is a vegetarian. If you define pacifist as someone who doesn't like war, then nearly everyone is a pacifist. If you define white as the color of any surface capable of reflecting light, then anything but black is white. But with those definitions, the words become so all-inclusive as to be meaningless.

A vegetarian is someone who never eats meat. A pacifist is someone who never goes to war. White is the color of any surface that reflects all colors equally.

People who have studied that issue for quite a while come to different conclusions. Even the President's Commission decided that the using of the atomic bomb was only part of the reason Japan surrendered. I suspect from your .edu address that you're in school. I also suspect that you're in a ROTC program. I'd suggest to your ROTC instructors that they haven't been telling you the whole truth, which is to say they haven't been telling the truth.
Russell Nelson
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