Peace through Democracy

Subject: Re: democracies at war (was:  peace and social order...was...)
From: Russell Nelson 
Date: 2000/12/27
Newsgroups: soc.religion.quaker

Okay, I will be precise here in my claim.  Well-established
democracies[1] do not go to war[2] against other democracies[3].
Never have, never will.

[1] For some reason, the effect that causes democracies not to fight
each other takes a few years of the democratic process to occur.  It's
about three years.

[2] People who study wars consider a conflict between two nations with
1,000 battle dead to be a war.

[3] A democracy means two thirds of the adult males have the right to
vote.  It means freedom of movement, speech, press, assembly, and
religion.  It means that elections are free and fair.

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