Russ Nelson's OSCON 2004 pictures

Michael Tiemann, CTO of Red Hat wearing his famous red hat.

Michael was persuaded to share his red hat.

and again.

Isabel Walcott, famous pool shark.

Tom Christiansen, Dick Hardt, Miguel de Icaza and Sarah Blackham. Got Linux?

Better shot of just Dick and Tom sitting at the same table.

Freeman Dyson and fangirl. Even physicists have groupies.

Isabel Walcott and George Dyson, George telling Isabel a fish story. "It was thiiiiiiis big, but then the leader broke and it got away!"

Miguel proving that he is indeed taller than Doug. The camera never lies.

George and Freeman Dyson. Esther, alas, missed a connection in Texas.

I met George at dinner with Keith Packard, Eric Raymond, Ted T'so, et al. I have a crummy photo of Ted and his fiance, but crummy in this case is much worse than nothing.