GLOSSARY BALLAST - Crushed rock or gravel, used in railroad beds to provide ground stability for laying ties and tracks. BERM - A longitudinal mound of earth used to deflect water, a narrow ledge or shelf. CULVERT - Any structure not classified as a bridge which provides an opening under any roadway. PRISM - As applied to canals, the entire area encompassing the sides which are parallelograms. TRESTLE - A braced framework of timbers, pile, or steelwork for carrying a railroad over a depression. ABBREVIATIONS R.R, - Railroad Rte. or Rt. - Route R.O.W. - Right of Way E/S - East Side W/S - West Side B & M - Boston and Maine D & H - Delaware and Hudson P. C. - Penn Central

G. E. - General Electric Company

C. R. - County Road T/O - Termination/Origin II

TABLE OF CONTENTS GLOSSARY AND ABBREVIATIONS |^~R. II LIST OF MAPS |^~R. V REGION #5 CASE STUDIES OF ABANDONMENT LOCATION MAP CODE 5-1 Erie-Lackawanna |^~R. 5- Erie County Line - East Lancaster 5-2 Penn Central |^~R.`|^~R. 5- Onoville - Olean 5-3 Penn Central |^~R. 5- Akron Junction - Genesee County Line 5-4 Penn Central |^~R.| |^~R. 5- Hinsdale to Allegeny County Line 5-5 Penn Central |^~R. 5- Tonawanda - Lockport Junction 5-6 Penn Central |^~R. 5- Tonawanda - Akron 5-7 Buffalo & Susquehanna |^~R. 5- Cattaraugus ~ Wyoming County Line 5-8 Pittsburgh, Shawmut & Northern |^~R. 5- Olean-Penn State Line 5~9 Chautauqua|^~R.5-I Sherman'S Bay-Ashville-Meyville | ' a ' ` O I @ I @ I O O O O O * O @ @ ` I @ l O 1 ' * ' * @ I @ I | Lakewood - Northeast Junction 5-11 Werren & Jamestown |^~R. . .#|^~R. 5- Jamestown to New York State Border 5-12 Allegeny & Kinzua |^~R. 5- Red House Junction to Penn State Border 5-13 Buffalo & Lake Erie Traction Co. |^~R. 5% Penn State Line - Buffalo 5-14 Penn Central |^~R. 5w Brooton-Blasdell 5-15 South Vandalia & State Line |^~R. 5w S. Vandalia - Chipmunk and Beyond III

TABLE OF CONTENTS (Cont.) LOCATION MAP CODE PAGE 5-16 Lehigh Valley |^~R. . |^~R. 5-22 Cioy of Buffalo 5-17 Lewiston-Youngstown |^~R. 5-23 Lewiston - Youngstown 5-18 New York Central . |^~R. 5-24 Suspension Bridge North 5-19 Niagare - Gorge |^~R.A|^~R. 5-25 Niegara Falls - Lewiston 5-20 International . . .^|^~R. 5~26 Lockport - Olcott 5-21 International |^~R. 5-27 Buffalo - Lookport 5-22 International |^~R.V|^~R. 5-27 Buffalo to Tonawanda on Erie tracks 5-23 Erie NYS Peanut Line |^~R. 5-28 Niagara Falls 5-24 Gnean, Bradford & Salamenca |^~R. 5-29 Salamanoa - Olean, Olean - Bradford 5-25 Jamestown & Westfield & Northwestern |^~R. 5-30 Westfield - Jemestown 5-26 Penn Central |^~R. . |^~R. 5-31 Intersection of Gerdenville Branch with Buffalo-Olean line south of Indian Church Road to crossing of B & O Railroad west of Abbott Road 5-27 Penn Central |^~R. 5-33 Fredonia - Falconer 5-28 Erie Lackawanna |^~R.V|^~R. 5-34 Carrollton - Penn. State Line IV



Termini: Erie County line - East Lancaster (Note: Included in this narrative report is a segment of ROW within Region #4 area from Erie County line to N. Alexander) Location Map Code: 5-1

A. Approximate length 10 mi.

B. Approximate width varies

C. General Condition

The eastern terminus of this abandoned railroad right-of-way is N.Y. State Route 98, 1.8 miles north of U.S. Route 20 in the Town of Alexander, Genesee County. All tracks have been removed from this starting point into the Town of Lancaster. It should be noted at this time, that east from the starting point, this railroad has also been abandoned with the tracks removed.

Starting at Route 98, and going west, the abandoned bed is at grade, level, and has good stone and gravel cover. Heavy woods line the right-of-way. The roadbed is in satisfactory condition for hiking and bicycling except for bridge removals.

However, approximately 100 yards west of Gillate Road, an overpass across a stream has been removed, with the concrete abutments remaining. From this point west, crossing Hickox Road to Simonds Road in the Town of Darien, the section continues in good condition.

Approximately 500 yards west of Simonds Road, an elevated overpass has been removed with the abutments remaining. The elevation is approximately 40 feet. From this overpass to Harper Road, there is no gravel and stone cover so that this section has a heavy overgrowth of brush and trees. The area from Harper Road to Colby Road and continuing to N.Y.S. Route 77, the area is depressed, and may cause a drainage problem. Some of this section has good stone and gravel cover, while the remainder has no cover at all. The abutting owner on the north of this abandoned right-of-way at the east side of Route 77 is the Darien Lakes Recreation Center. The west side of Route 77 is elevated (approximately l5-20 feet) and fenced in, as is the westerly end of this parcel, which is at Fargo Road. Although this section appears to be privately owned because of the fencing, a check in the Genesee County Clerk's Office disclosed no transfer of title.

From Fargo Road west, through the remainder of Genesee County, and through the Town and Village of Alden, and into the Town of Lancaster, at the point where the right-of-way crosses Cemetery Road, the grade of the road is level and except for a few overgrown sections, this section is cleared with stone and gravel cover.

This 10-mile stretch from North Alexander to East Lancaster appears to have good recreational potentialities since most of the land is level, with the exception of the two overpasses that were removed, and the 2.5 mile section between Route 77 and Fargo Road that is fenced in.

The majority of the abutting owners along this abandoned railroad right-of-way are farmers, and the inspection disclosed many existing farm crossings over this right-of-way. Public transportation would be available from the Niagara Frontier Transportation Inc. whose routes include bus transportation from Buffalo to Lancaster and Alden, and the Greyhound Bus Lines south from Batavia over Route 98.

Penn Central

Termini: Onoville - Olean Location Map Code: 5-2

A. Approximate length 36 mi.

B. Approximate width 33' - 50'

C. General Conditions

That portion of the abandoned Right-of-Way which lies on the Allegany Indian Reservation between Onoville Station, Elko, and Quaker Bridge has been inundated by the waters from the Kinzua Dam.

The sections from Red House, Shongo, Salamanca, South Carrollton, Riverside Junction and South Vandalia are on the Indian Reservation and have reverted to the Seneca Nation of Indians. The tracks and ties have been removed by the Army Corps of Engineers and Hunkin Conkey Construction Company of Ohio. The abandoned railroad Right-of-Way is in fair condition.

The terrain is flat, used for light agriculture, quite extensively covered with oil leases and non-producing oil wells, some sand and gravel operations, and is not heavily populated except at its eastern section in the Village of Allegany and the Town of Olean.

New York State has acquired by Permanent Easements the following sections which lie on the Indian Reservation for its Southern Tier Expressway:

l. Southern Tier Expressway, Section 5-L (Corps of Engineers had acquired all the Right-of-Way used in this section years ago for the relocation of Route l7)

a. Between Red House Point and Red House Brook

b. Near Shongo - North and South of Breeds's Run Road

c. A section included in the eastern terminus of 5-L.

2. Southern Tier Expressway, Section 5-M TRN 81 Map 1218

a. Portions of the On-Off ramps at the western end of 5-M to Mill St. in Salamanca

b. Portions of the Parkway Drive Relocation at the eastern Salamanca City boundary

3. Southern Tier Expressway, Section 5-N TRN 5 Map 354

a. Portions from the On-Off ramps at the western end to where it crosses the Allegheny River at South Carrollton Road. These permanent easements are delineated by RWN 5.

4. Southern Tier Expressway, Section 5-P TRN 19 Map 536

a. Approximately one mile of right of way used north of South Vandalia

b. A portion of the crossing of Nine Mile Road as the Expressway approaches the Allegheny River.

After leaving the Indian Reservation, the railroad right of way continues southeasterly crossing Klice Crossroad, Lower Birch Run Road and West River Road in the Town of Allegany, It then heads due east to the Allegheny River. This railroad bridge span has been dismantled. The right of way proceeds from the river bank just west of St. Bonaventure University to an underpass of a concrete bridge on N.Y.S. Route 17. It then parallels Route 17 to the north; running through the Village of Allegany and the Town of Olean to Buffalo Street in the City of Olean.

Penn Central

Termini: Akron Junction - Genesee County Line (Note: Included in this narrative report is a segment of ROW within Region #4 area from Batavia to Erie County line) Location Map Code: 5-3

A. Approximate length 4 mi.

B. Approximate width varies

C. General Condition

An investigation in the Genesee County Clerk's Office in Batavia, and verification by the Genesee County Taxation and Assessment Department, disclosed that this reported portion of the abandoned right-of-way was purchased by the Niagara Mohawk Power Corp., and is presently being used as a transmission line right-of-way. This situation continues into Erie County and ends at the North Akron Station of the Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation, located on Flint Road in the Town of Newstead.

From this point to the east side of Route 93, the local residents believe that this portion of the right-of-way was quit claimed to the County of Erie for an addition to Akron Falls Park. Route 93 at this junction point was rebuilt in 1959, and elevated so that the right-of-way on both the east and west sides of Route 93 are approximately 25 feet below road grade. The westerly section is overgrown with trees and shrubs and, at the time of inspection, had more than a foot of surface water drained into it.

At Cummings Road, the overpass has been removed, but the stone and concrete abutments remain, and are in good condition. The railroad right-of-way is approximately 25 feet above grade at this point, and has poor access. The right-of-way on either side of Cummings Road is two lanes, and covered with light cinder and stone. This condition is constant to the westerly end of the route, at the Akron Junction with the existing Penn Central tracks, which is located one mile east of Barnum Road in the Town of Newstead. Since the portion between New York State #93 and the North Akron Niagara Mohawk property is now owned by the County of Erie, and used as an addition to Akron Falls Town Park, the entire length of this available right-of-way is only 1.9 miles, with poor access at the two crossing roads.

Penn Central

Termini: Hinsdale to Allegany Co. Line Location Map Code: 5-4

A. Approximate length 5 mi.

B. Approximate width varies

C. General Conditions

In December 1953, the Rochester Gas and Electric Company purchased the abandoned right-of-way of the Penn Central, and were planning to use it for a transmission or utility line right-of-way. Subsequently, on April 15, 1971, title to most of this right-of-way in Cattaraugus County was vested in the People of the State of New York to be used in conjunction with the appropriations of properties to be used for the construction of the Southern Tier Expressway, Section 5-S. Rochester Gas and Electric is preparing a map of the remnant parcels that are not being appropriated by the State, and will supply us with a copy.

However, as of this date, we have not received any maps from the Rochester Gas and Electric Company showing and describing the remnant parcels of land of the Rochester Gas and Electric Company, which were not appropriated for the Southern Tier Expressway.

Note: We have only included that section that is within the Region 5 area, or from Route 16 (Hinsdale) to the Allegany County Line.

Penn Central

Termini: Tonawanda to Lockport Junction Location Map Code: 5-5

A. Approximate length 12 mi.

B. Approximate width varies

C. General Conditions

The northern terminus of this abandoned railroad right of way is a field behind and west of the William Kugler and Brothers Junkyard located on the west side of Junction Road (N.Y.S. Route 270), l/4 mile north of Route 31, Saunders Settlement Road. From this starting point, the abandoned right of way continues in a southwesterly direction to its southern terminus.

From the north side of Route 31 to the northern terminus, the land is level, and covered with field grass. South of Route 3l, 25 feet from the highway right of way, the railroad overpass across a drainage ditch has been removed, but the stone and concrete abutments still remain. From this point to Lockport Road, the right of way has very heavy woods and brush cover, and would need a great deal of clearing to be usable. At Lockport Road, there is a deep drainage ditch making access from the road to the railroad right of way impossible. This drainage ditch is on the west side and follows the right of way to Route 31, There is no evidence of an overpass ever existing at this point.

From Lockport Road to Mapleton Road, the right of way is at grade, level, and has good access, but also has heavy woods and brush cover. Although the land remains level to Aiken Road, the ground cover is still heavy woods and brush. A small overpass section traversing Bull Creek has been removed a short distance northeast of Aiken Road.

At Beach Ridge and Town Line Roads, the right of way is tree lined and cleared, having a good stone and gravel cover. However, from here to Klemer Road, the right of way is encumbered with a high pressure gas line of the Hooker Chemical Company. Therefore, this right of way is tree lined, has good cover, and good accessibility at Town Line Road, Hill Road, and Shawnee Road (Route 425), From Rode 425 to its terminus at U.S. Route 62 at the Wurlitzer Company, the right of way has very heavy cover, with an overpass over Sawyer Creek removed.

In general, this entire route is level, but has access difficulties at the various points mentioned. Public transportation is available at U.S. Route 62 via bus routes from Niagara Falls and Buffalo, and at Route 31 via bus lines from Niagara Falls and Lockport.

Penn Central

Termini: Tonawanda to Akron Location Map Code: 5-6

A. Approximate length 7.5 mi.

B. Approximate width 66'

C. General Conditions

The eastern terminus of this portion of this railroad right of way is just west of its intersection with Transit Road Route 78, just south of Swormsville. From this point, it travels almost due west crossing mainly open farmland generally level and at grade. The tracks have been removed and the road bed is becoming overgrown with weeds. It then intersects Paradise Road and then Hopkins Road just south of Dodge Road, again at grade. From here, it continues west crossing Haussauer Road, Millersport Highway, Campbell Blvd., Dodge Road, Sweet Home Road and Niagara Falls Boulevard, respectively, all at grade. After passing the latter, it swings southwesterly to its junction with the Niagara section of the Lehigh Valley Railroad, its western terminus. The westerly portion lies through low, rather swampy, marginally agricultural land, going into residential property as it nears Niagara Falls Blvd. The final small portion is adjacent to Ellicott Creek Park for which certain small sections of the roadbed have been removed to allow for tributaries to Ellicott Creek. The right-of-way is mostly 66 ft. in width. Over its entire length,the terrain is almost dead flat.

Access to the right-of-way is easily accomplished at any of the road crossings and could be especially easy from Ellicott Creek Park. It is apparent that it has exceptionally good possibilities for recreational use considering its conjunction with Ellicott Creek Park. Except for the portion near the park, all structures (culverts) are intact and functional. At present, the entire right-of-way in the Town of Amherst has been purchased by that town, which has indicated that a widening to 100 ft. is being considered.

Sale is recorded in the Erie County Clerk's Office Book of Deeds #7034, Page 69, dated August 26, 1964. Deed states whole portion consists of 5l acres.

Buffalo & Susquehanna

Termini: Cattaraugus to Wyoming Co. Line Location Map Code: 5-7

A. Approximate length 30 mi.

B. Approximate width varies

C. General Conditions

This reported abandoned railroad right-of-way is, and has been for many years, a transmission line right-of-way of the Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation.

Pittsburgh, Shamut & Northern

Termini: Olean to Penn State Line Location Map Code: 5-8

A. Approximate length 8 mi.

B. Approximate width varies

C. General Conditions

The portion of this abandoned railroad right-of-way that existed in Cattaraugus County (approximately 8 miles) was purchased by the Producers Gas Company, Olean, N.Y., who planned on using the land for a gas line right-of-way. The gas company's plans changed and the land was sold or quit claimed to the abutting owners.

CONTACTS 1. Records, maps and conversations: - County, Town, village, and City Assessors, historians, librarians, newspaper publishers and area residents. 2. Correspondence and communications with railroad officials, personnel, former employees and "buffs". 3. County Regional Planning Boards 4. Niagara Frontier Transit Authority, Buffalo, N.Y. Federal Project No. NY-T 9-4 New York State Project No. 5820.00 BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. THE HISTORY OF THE BUFFALO & SUSQUEHANNA RAILWAY by Paul Pietrak 2. THE ROCHESTER, LOCKPORT & BUFFALO RAILWAY 1908-1931 By William R. Gordon 3. NINETY YEARS OF BUFFALO RAILWAYSV by William R. Gordon 4. DESCRIPTION OF TRANSIT CORRIDORS (First Edition) Niagara Frontier Transit Authority 5. INTERURBANS OF THE EMPIRE STATE by Felix E. Reifscheinder 6. NEWSLETTERS by Erie & Niagara Counties Regional Planning Board


Termini: Shermans Bay-Ashville-Mayville (Shermans Bay-Ashville on own ROW.) Balance now used almost entirely as a highway. Location Map Code: p5-9

A. Approximate length 16 mi.

B. Approximate width varies

C. General Condition This right-of-way was almost entirely acquired for Route 17-J. The balance was purchased individually by private owners.


Termini: Lakewood-Northeast Junction Location Map Code: 5-10

A. Approximate length 8 mi.

B. Approximate width varies - single track

C. General Condition Correspondence and maps from R. F. Bush, Chief Engineer for the Erie-Lackawanna Railway Company located in the Midland Building, Cleveland, Ohio 44115, indicate that no abandoned Railroad right of way belonging to their company exists in Chautauqua County today. Assessor Arthur Agnew of the Town of Ellicott also furnished corroborating information. This eight mile section of Erie Railroad from the Village of Lakewood, N.Y. to its junction with the Penn Central Railroad in Falconer, N.Y. discontinued scheduled operations as such. However, this trackage with its spur sidings continues to service the industrial complex of Jamestown and Falconer, N.Y.

Warren & Jamestown

Termini: Jamestown to New York State border Location Map Code: 5-11

A. Approximate length 5 mi.

B. Approximate width varies

C. General Condition The Warren and Jamestown Railroad operated between Foote Avenue in Jamestown and Warren, Pa. It was abandoned in 1929 and none of the right of way exists as such today. Mr. Robert Borst, Chautauqua County Tax Office, states that the right of way was obtained by easement and a reversionary clause returned it to the fee owners after abandonment.

Allegany & Kinzua

Termini: Red House Junction to Penn State border and a branch Location Map Code: 5-12

A. Approximate length 19 mi.

B. Approximate width 33' - 50'

C. General Condition

The Railroad right of way from Red House Junction to the Penn State border was located in Cattaraugus County on the Allegany Indian Reservation. The Railroad went out of commission in 1963. The land belongs to the Seneca Nation of Indians. Rights-of-way here are obtained by easement only. The majority of this former right of way is inundated by the waters of the Kinzua Reservoir.

The State of New York has acquired by permanent easement, some of the right of way in this area for the Southern Tier Expressway. This specific information is outlined on pages 5-3 and 5-4, Location Map Code: 5-2 of the March, 1972 New York State Department of Transportation, Inventory of Abandoned Railroad Rights of Way.

Buffalo & Lake Erie Traction Co.

Termini: Penn State Line-Buffalo (Inter Urban Electric Line) Location Map Code: 5-l3

A. Approximate length 60 mi.

B. Approximate width: Buffalo to Dunkirk-double track; ROW width varies

C. General Condition

The Buffalo & Lake Erie Traction Company operated an inter-urban electric line between Buffalo and Erie, Pa. The Company developed from some smaller lines. In 1903, the Erie city system went eastward to Wesleyville and thence to North East, Pa. Known as the Lake Erie Short Line, it crossed the New York State border to Ripley, N.Y. In 1906, as the Lake Erie Traction Company, it had 35 miles of track into Westfield, N.Y.

During the same years, the Buffalo, Dunkirk, and Western built out of Buffalo with its terminus on Clinton Street across from the Lafayette Hotel. The Buffalo and Lackawanna Traction Company was leased to the B. & L. E. Traction Company in April, 1909 for 999 years. This lease was surrendered to the City Trust Company of Buffalo,

N.Y. in 1918.

The B. & L. E. operated on its own tracks in Buffalo, ran parallel to the Hamburg Turnpike into the City of Lackawanna, then to Woodlawn, and continued for 35 miles to Silver Creek. The main car barn and offices were in Fredonia (please see attached sketch of the Buffalo and Lake Erie Traction Co.)

The Company went into 10 years of receivership in 1915. Three corporations emerge in 1925: 1. The Buffalo & Erie operated the main line and the Dunkirk-Fredonia locals. 2. The Erie operated the western city service. 3. The Buffalo at Lackawanna Traction Company operated the eastern city and suburban service.

Service between Buffalo and Angola was discontinued on December, 1932; Angola to Erie service was discontinued January 27, 1933; and the local Dunkirk-Fredonia service was stopped in March of 1934. No portions of this company's of Way exists today. (See Map On following page).

Penn Central

Termini: Brocton-Blasdell S. track of double track on Norfolk & Western ROW Location Map Code: 5-14

A. Approximate length 43.6 mi.

B. Approximate width - single track - varies

C. General Condition


Mr. Martin Schultz of the Penn Central's Buffalo Office states that this specific section of track is not being used and its sale is being currently negotiated with the Norfolk & Western Railroad. Penn Central's estimate of value for this right of way is in the 17 million dollar range.

Penn Central had stopped operating this track in July 1970 and the former customers are served by the Norfolk & Western Railroad which has a track adjacent and parallel to the Penn Central track. These customers are located on the southerly side of the Penn Central track and since the Norfolk & Western track lies north of the Penn Central track, short segments of the Penn Central's track must be used by the Norfolk & Western to serve these customers. The tracks, ties, switches, signals, road bed, etc. of the Penn Central Railroad are all in operating condition.

So. Vandalia & State Line

Termini: So. Vandalia-Chipmunk & beyond Location Map Code: 5-15

A. Approximate length 5 mi.@

B. Approximate width varies

C. General Condition A check of official and unofficial sources failed to produce-documentation that any of this right of exists today.

Lehigh Valley

Termini: City of Buffalo (Acquired for Thruway) Location Map Code: 5-16

A. Approximate length 4 mi.

B. Approximate width varies

C. General Condition Granter: Lehigh Valley Railroad
For the Niagara Section (Sub-section 23, part of 4) Liber: 5616, Page 291, dated October 5, 1954, O.O. $6,950,000.


Termini: Lewiston-Youngstown Location Map Code: 5-17

A. Approximate length 6 mi.

B. Approximate width - generally double track

C. General Condition

The Lewiston & Youngstown Frontier Railroad, leased by the Niagara Gorge Railroad, filed a petition in November, 1926 with the Public Service Commission asking for the approval of a declaration of abandonment. The petition stated that for more than two years passenger service had not been furnished since commencement of operations by the Gray Bus Line.

The road gained permission to abandon passenger operations, but continued to haul freight.

In 1932, the Youngstown Cold Storage Company purchased the road from the Niagara Gorge Railroad Company and continued a small freight operation until final abandonment in 1950.

Niagara Mohawk Power Company purchased the majority of the right of way from Youngstown to Lewiston (Liber 810, page 299).

Other right of way disposition:

1. To United States of America, Liber 692, Page 423. 2. To Village of Lewiston, Liber 814, Page 162. 3. Remainder to Roy Powell, Liber 969, Page 172.

New York Central

Termini: Suspension Bridge North Location Map Code: 5-18

A. Approximate length 5.3 mi.

B. Approximate width: length of span between towers is 522 feet - tower on American side is 88 ft. tower on Canadian side is 78 ft.

C. General Condition

Martin Schultz of the Penn Central Railroad's Engineering staff states that they have not yet received permission from the Public Service Commission to abandon this section of their railroad. It is currently in daily use.

The last steel arch bridge was completed in 1896 at Suspension, N.Y. by the Pennsylvania Steel Co. for the Grand Trunk Railway.

Niagara Gorge

Termini: Niagara Falls-Lewiston (Electric Line along shore of Niagara River) Location Map Code: 5-19

A. Approximate length 7.5 mi.

B. Approximate width - double track

C. General Condition

The Niagara Gorge Railway construction was begun on April 11, 1895. It was a double track approximately 7.5 miles in length, consisting of a series of grades and curves. One grade was a steep 9%.

The Niagara Falls terminus was at the Tower Hotel. The line ran down Falls Street and Spruce Street, through a sharp out under the New York Central tracks, and then proceeded close to the river's edge.

The run from the Falls to the Buttery elevator started in September, 1895; and the 7 mile double track to Lewiston was finished in June, 1896.

The Niagara Gorge Railway didn't operate during the months of March and April because of rock Slides.

The high cost of winter storm damage and right of way maintenance caused the company to cease operations on September 17, 1935.

This right of way is now part of the Niagara Frontier Parks Commission, which includes part of the Robert Moses Parkway and portions of the Power Authority of New York State.


Termini: Lockport-Olcott Location Map Code: 5-20

A. Approximate length 11 mi.

B. Approximate width - single track

C. General Condition

The International Railway Company from Mill Street in Lockport to Olcott Beach, abandoned in 1937, is dismantled and disposed of as follows: Liber 638, page 47, to Krull (Krull Park) Liber 683, page 423 - all the remaining right of way to Raymond L. Walker


Termini: Buffalo-Lockport (Buffalo to Tonawanda on Erie tracks) Location Map Code: 5-21


A. Approximate length: 20 mi.


Termini: Buffalo to Tonawanda on Erie tracks Location Map Code: 5-22

A. Approximate length: 20 mi.

B. Approximate width - single track

C. General Condition

On September 1, 1900, the Buffalo and Lockport Railway Company leased from the Erie Railroad a strip of land 25% ft. wide from Ellicott Creek, Tonawanda to Main Street in Buffalo. They also leased the right to use the Erie tracks from Sweeney Street, North Tonawanda to the north side of Ellicott Creek; and from Sweeney Street to Main and Transit Road in Lockport.

The International Traction Company put into service its new route for the Buffalo-Lockport branch in 1901. They had purchased additional right of way on Eleven Mile Creek, and laid new rails to Lockport from North Tonawanda on the road leased from the Erie. The International owned 12.94 miles of single track main line; leased 19.7 miles; used 10.6 miles of Erie R.R. trackage; and had a total of 3.7 miles of sidings.

Trolley service ended in Lockport on April 18, 1938 and the International Railway Company began operating buses.

Passenger service on the Lockport Line to Buffalo ceased on October 30, 1937.

The I.R.C. operated as a freight carrier on its Buffalo-Lockport-Olcott division from January 27, 1902 to October 31, 1951. The North Tonawanda-Lockport division ran from Oct 31, 1927 to January 31, 1951. The rails were taken up in 1952. Colvin Avenue was built on this right of way.

Erie NYC Peanut Line

Termini: In Niagara Falls acquired by State Location Map Code: 5-23

A. Approximate length 7.5 mi.

B. Approximate width: 66'

C. General Condition In the mid-forties, New York State paid the Erie Lackawanna Railroad and the New York Central Railroad for track relocations in this area. The land is now part of the LaSalle Expressway.

Vesting dates are as follows: 1. New York Central Railroad December 12, 1967 2. Erie Lackawanna Railroad July 14, 1967

(Data on the Peanut Line is given on page 5-11, Location Map Code 5-6)

Inventory on Abandoned Railroad Rights of Way

Olean, Bradford & Salamanca

Termini: Salamanca-Olean, Olean-Bradford (18.5 mi.) Salamanca-Little Valley (9.4 mi.) Olean-Portville (ll mi.) Olean-Bradford (20 mi.) Clarkville, Pa. (9 mi.) Portville-Bolivar, Ceres-Shinglehouse, Pa. (12 mi.) Location Map Code: 5-24

A. Approximate length 79.9 mi.

B. Approximate width varies

C. General Condition

A Special Term of the Supreme Court of the State of New York on April 20, 1928 held in Erie County Hall, Buffalo, N.Y. determined the disposition of the Olean, Bradford & Salamanca Railroad Company.

A Referee's Deed by John K. Ward, dated June 4, 1928, awarded the Railway Company to Krause & Company of Buffalo, N.Y. The bond owners of the Railway reputedly had formed Krause & Company specifically to salvage whatever financial value possible. The road was dismantled and the ties, rails, rolling stock, and whatever else of value was sold. Olean, Bradford & Salamanca to Krause & Company, recorded on September 18, 1927, in Liber 315, pages 73 and 75, and Liber 313, page 222.

Cattaraugus County acquired all the right of way by tax deeds between 1932 and 1937. The county sold the majority of the right of way to abutting owners for a very nominal fee. Since the road had been dismantled, some of the adjoining fee owners just tilled the soil or built on the right of way acquiring it by adverse possession. No significant portions of right of way remain today.

Jamestown & Westfield & Northwestern

Termini: Westfield-Jamestown Location Map Code: 5-25

A. Approximate length 30.5 mi.

B. Approximate width varies

C. General Condition This right of way was abandoned in 1950 and purchased in its entirety by Jacob Weinstein, et al. This right of way ran along the North Shore of Lake Chautauqua landlocking the cottage owners from the lake frontage. The purchasers then sold individual stripe to the private owners to afford them access to their lake frontage.

Penn Central Transportation Company

Termini: From the crossing of the Gardenville Branch with the Buffalo-Olean Line, south of Indian Church Rd. to the point of its crossing with the B. & O. Railroad, west of Abbott Road. Location Map Code: 5-26

A. Approximate length 3.7 mi.

B. Approximate width - single track

C. General Condition

Reference: Memorandum from R. C. Keating, Bridge Planning & Railroad Bureau to D. H. Ketchum dated May 25, 1972

Disposition of Subject:

Grantor: Penndel Company, 6 Penn Center Plaza Philadelphia, Pa. 14104
104 Chautauqua Avenue Lakewood, N.Y. 14750

Liber 7881, Page 205

I.R.S. $214.50 Indicated by deed and recorded 1/14/72 Actual $195,000 Area 31.5± acres.

The abandonment does not constitute any track removal. This was done several Years ago. It was the eastern most track on a ROW shared with the former Penn Central Railroad whose track still occupies the west side of the right of way and is still active

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Penn Central

Termini: Fredonia-Falconer Location Map Code: 5-27

A. Approximate length 28.4 miles

B. Approximate width: 66 feet

C. General condition

The Interstate Commerce Commission, by order served January 16, 1973 approved subject abandonment. This order became effective 35 days from the date of service. In the mid l960's, Penn Central had petitioned for abandonment but the Public Service Commission declined because the freight service was required by Agway Inc. (formerly G.L.F.). Supplies can now be shipped by truck.

No passenger service has been supplied on this line for the past 25 years.

Information concerning subject was obtained from Mr. Paul Vane, Superintendent of Maintenance of Way, Penn Central Transportation Co. Office, Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Although in poor condition, all trackage, signals, and operating equipment are still in place. Prior to the I.C.C. permission to abandon subject, one local freight train ran every two days. since January, 1973, there is one local train weekly.

The railroad right of way was assembled under various conditions. Some parcels were purchased outright, some by Permanent Easement, and some were acquired with reversionary clauses. These specific records are maintained in the railroad's real estate office in New York City. (Of course this information can also be traced by a search of the Chautauqua County Clerk's Office in Mayville,


Erie Lackawanna

Termini: Carrollton - Penn. St. Line Location Map Code: 5-28 m| A. Approximate length: 6.9 miles

B. Approximate width: varies

C. General Condition

The Interstate Commerce Commission, by order served September 27, 1972 approved the abandonment of the Bradford Branch which connects with the East-west Mainline at Carrollton and extends south to Bradford. This order became effective 35 days from the date of service.

Maintenance of way for the Bradford Branch is under the jurisdiction of the Salamanca office. Specific information for this report was obtained from John Sartori, office manager, and Jack Lewis, road foreman in Salamanca.

The Bradford Branch connects with the East-west Mainline at Carrollton, Cattaraugus County, and extend: to Bradford, Pa. At the present time all trackage, signals, and operating equipment is in place. Two trains are operating daily between Salamanca and Bradford. There is a switch or yard engine at Bradford which then transfers the freight cars to Brookway, Pa. The R.R. states that they have no specific date to cease this operation. However, when the change over does become effective, the run will be between Salamanca and Brookway, Pa. a total distance of 89 miles. Erie Lackawanna trains leaving Salamanca, will cross over to the Baltimore and Ohio tracks at Killbuck and proceed to Brockway.

The Erie Lackawanna Railway Company has no published date for track change over nor any public announcements as to the disposition of the abandoned R.R. rights of way.