busy; sporadic; moving in!

We've been really busy lately, what with packing and all!  Yes, we've
decided to move in on Saturday.  So we've been packing and moving as
we can.  Not wanting to get too badly in the way.  Thursday morning
the moulding came from John's.  They've spent four days putting it up.
It's all up except for the exterior doors, which need to be painted.

They were somewhat distracted from the moulding Monday by the arrival
of the electrical inspector.  Everything passed except the whole-house
water filter.  The copper is supposed to be continuous from the ground
connection, but the water filter is plastic.  Stan just needs to (did)
put a copper bond around it.  Wednesday Stan expects to put the
baseboards in downstairs.  Once the baseboards are in, the bedrooms
and my office are *finished*.  We've started eating lunch and dinner
out at the house, ever since we moved the kitchen table out there on
Saturday for the memorial service reception.

The short (pre-move-in) punchlist:
1) stairs
2) baseboards
3) shower door
4) tub surround and plumbing