more drywall

All of the walls upstairs have drywall on them, including the
entryway, and inside all the little rooms.  The stairwell doesn't,
because Stan needs to re-make it a little narrower, to fit some trim
in.  Instead of doing that, or any of the other preparation jobs, like
framing under the stairs, or wiring the whirlpool bath, Stan and I put
Sheetrock(tm) on the walls of Rebecca's (the west) bedroom.  Didn't
get the closet, but we did get every inch of the big walls.  Looks
really cool now.  Starting to resemble a finished house.

Wood boiler is working well now.  Weather has been fairly mild, with
temperatures in the 30's and 40's.  We've been filling it half-full
once a day, and that keeps it at 180 degrees.  I wish that I had run
some low-voltage pairs out there.  It's pretty easy to tell when it
needs wood, because the damper stays open and the temperature starts
to drop.  Both of those can be discerned from inside (measure current
in power to boiler; measure water temperature), but better to have the
data from the source.  Oh well.