STILL more heating (and garage door)

This heating system is taking quite a bit of effort!  I think it's
complicated by the fact that was have five zones.  Four of them are
going to have their own circulating pump (and mixing valve), and one
will have a zone valve (on/off) and share another's pump.  The mixing
valves (and bypass valves) are in place, along with one (and maybe
another) pump.

The garage door is in.  Took most of the day to do it (one guy, from
Upstate Door Company out of Waddington).  Some part that has to do
with the electric opener isn't fitting right, so he will replace it

Jeff worked some more on the garage firewall.  This seems to be a big
deal with Stan (or else the building inspector), so they're doing it
up right.

Ralph Randall stopped by with a load of sand.  We'll move that around
to fill in the low spots.