All the manifolds are in, as is some of the heating plumbing.  At
least the upstairs and loft hold air pressure.  Stan was building the
heat exchanger assembly that connects to the domestic water heater.
The guys were working on the last couple of manifolds.

The heating plumbing is darned complicated.  We've got one zone w/ 11
tubes (upstairs), one zone w/ 5 tubes (downstairs), one zone w/ 2 tues
(loft), and two more zones with one tube each (office, entryway).
Each of these is supposed to have its own circulating pump, plus the
boiler has its own circulating pump.  Each tube in each zone has its
own ball valve.  The office and entryway are going to share a pump,
but they'll have electrically operated zone valves.  Each zone has to
have its own shutoff valve, so you can work on one zone while the rest
of the system functions.  Add in a heat exchanger for domestic hot
water, and a backup electric water heater and you've got a real mess!