finished the wiring

Well, they finished all the wiring.  No, really, ALL of it.  Well, not
*quite* all of it.  Brent ran out of wire for the bookcase outlets, so
Stan will have to pick some up on Tuesday.

I ran category 5 10Base-T wires today.  Finished the runs to the
family pooter area, the kids rooms, my office, and the loft.  Have to
do the master bedroom and garage tomorrow, along with the kitchen.
I'm going to run an extra cable out to the garage for telemetry
purposes.  Also going to run 1/2" "smurf" tubing for a later install
of fiber optic cable.  It's flexible electrical conduit, so-called
because of its baby-blue color.

John Romkey found
a product called a "Hot Little
Therm", which is a multi-sensor temperature probe.  Only $70 in
kit form, and you get five sensors.  I might switch to that for my
outside temperature probe, because the one I've got is none too