hoses and siding, and the boiler

Ken Decker did indeed deliver the outdoor wood boiler today.  He's got
a really nifty trailer that holds it.  It's got a metal hoop which
goes over the top of the boiler.  A cable hoist hangs from the top of
the hoop.  Underneath the boiler rests on removable slats.  He backs
the trailer over the pad, removes the slats, and lowers the boiler
onto the pad.  Really cool!

They finished the radiant hoses, because Potsdam Plumbing was itching
to get the stapler back.

The siding, as of yesterday, went past the garage door and the window
next to it.  *Nearly* to the corner, which was Brent's goal.  They put
more siding on today, but I have no idea how much.