Hey!  It's starting to look like a real house!  They've got the metal
roofing on 2/3 of the east face, not including the cricket.  A
cricket, in case you don't know (which lack I will obviously rectify
momentarily), is a little eave that you put over an entrance that you
don't want to be under a drip line.  Heather says (I didn't see them)
that all three of them got cut up by the metal roof.  Stan got a
particularly bad gash, like it nearly needed stitches.  Brent told him
about a colleague's trick of supergluing a wound shut, but judging
from Stan's reaction, I don't think he's going to try it any time
soon.  I'd heard about it also, and it really does work.

Three doors came today -- inside and outside garage doors, and
entryway.  I think Stan forgot about the outside garage door, because
he's going to use the wrong door, that Merriman's delivered, for that
location, and get another of the right doors for the back door.

Sometime this week I got the phone and data equipment.  $600 worth.
Amazing how expensive data/voice/video jacks and plates are.  I'm
going to wire both the phone and data with Category 5 cable -- blue
for phone and grey for data.  Every location gets both, and everything
gets a home run.  Still waffling about wiring for RG-59U video.  I
suppose I ought to, although the cable will cost a couple of hundred
dollars, and will likely go unused.

More pictures up on the web site at <http://russnelson.com/house>.