looks like a tower!

They totally framed the tower walls and plywooded it today, AND even
got a start on framing the roof.  It's got a hip roof with a pitch of
5 in 12, same as the main roof.  I was surprised how they did it.  I
thought that they would put the corner hip rafters in first, but
instead they put the rafters in the middle of the wall, opposing sides
simultaneously.  That way the stresses were matched and it didn't tend
to get knocked down.  They only had time to get one hip in by the end
of the day.

We've been taking extra water out in the mornings, since Jeff's
3-gallon jug isn't *quite* enough on a hot day.  Heather said that
when Stanley returned it tonight, he looked totally wrung out.  The
heat and humidity have been completely oppressive.  Glad I haven't had
time to work on it this week.  :)