totally exhausted

I've been a muffler today -- I'm totally exhausted (that's Stan's
joke; don't blame it on me).  We put all the plywood on the east roof
(all 80 feet of it), the south roof, part of the west roof, and all
over the garage and entryway.  I got to run the air nailer
(wheeee!!!).  Talk about a feeling of power.  Blam!  Blam!  Blam!  Now
I know why Quake has a nailgun.  The tip and trigger have to be
pressed at the same time, so you can hold the trigger and "bounce
nail".  Every time you touch the tip to something (wood OR people) it
shoots a nail.  V. fast.  We went through 2,000 nails today, and
that's just what *I* nailed.

The architect, Brooks Washburn, stopped by at the end of the day
today.  He wandered around, nodding his head approvingly.  It must be
quite a thrill for him to see scratchings on paper get transformed
into wood.  He was quite interested in the foam block foundation --
he'd never seen it implemented before.