more roof framing

The trusses went up fast.  Filling in-between them has gone slowly.
Lots of straightening, and adjusting.  We in put the ridge between the
garage trusses and the main trusses.  Jeff and Brent trimmed the
rafter tails to a constant length.  Stan and I fired up the inside
electrical entrance and wired an outlet to it (NOT in that order).
Yesterday (I forgot to say), Stan, Jeff, and Brent (it took all of
them) muscled the electrical entrance wires through the bend in the
conduit.  I left at noon, but I expect that all of the rafters on the
east side of the building were done, and then some.

I ordered $600 worth of wires and jacks and plates and plugs today.
That's all of the phone and data wiring.  Still have to order the
video wiring.