hot and humid

Oh boy!  It sure was hot on the site today.  I had a dentist's
appointment in the middle of the afternoon, so I went out in the
morning.  The guys had put up the fifth course on Tuesday, and had
started on the sixth.  I screwed them to the braces and sawed up rebar
for the verticals.  Also bent and laid some horizontal rebar.  Spent
some time searching through the blocks for just the right blocks to
use.  The top two inches are getting cut off, so we don't care about
the condition of the tops, but the bottoms should be good.  About
twelve full blocks are going back to Merriman's.  At $15 each, that's
a chunk of change!

Ni-Mo was dicking around all morning trimming the trees.  Boy, did
they ever hack away at the poor thing.  For *sure* they won't be in
the way.

NYNEX still hasn't picked up their roll of twelve-pair wire.  I'm
tempted to cut off a big chunk of it for one purpose or another.

Won't be getting out there tonight, so I don't know what they finished
until we go out Thursday morning.