We broke ground today!  We have a five-hundred-dollar hole and ditch
on our land now!  The basement hole is about four feet deep.  It hits
some clay pockets that are now extruding water into the hole;
fortunately not at a rapid rate.  Unfortunately, we missed the first
shovelfull because they called Stan at 6:30 and said "We're starting
in a half hour", whereas Stan had said the night before that they were
starting at 9:30.  Oh well.  Stan says that they found a couple of
3'x3'x3' boulders.  The excavator operator is incredibly deft.

The NiMo ditch is all dug.  There have been a few cave-ins, but
nothing so bad I can't shovel it out tomorrow.  It, too, has water
ingress.  We came back in the evening and found 1.5' of water at the
end of the ditch at the bottom of the hill.  We punched a hole through
to the ditch on the side of the road so it wouldn't get any higher.
Also found that the sand had been delivered.